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ТМГО "Джерела"

The project organization

Project Organization

Our organizations project "Source of Light and Hope” is aimed at supporting people living with HIV/
AIDS (PLWHA), currently 100 adults in Ternopil are in need the care and support through this service.

Project activities:

1. Serve as a community center for PLWHA.
2. Attract PLWHAs (currently 100 individuals) who need the care and support provided by our
services by informing the community through our AIDS center, women’s counseling, HIV
testing locations, phone line "Trust” (a local social service number available to everyone here
in Ternopil). We also work with local NGO’s such as "Friendship” (an association of the rights
and freedoms of young people), "Revival of the Nation” (a women’s club here in Ternopil)
and "Caritas” (a local Charitable Foundation)
3. Organization of social support to support 100 PLWHAs.
4. Provide support to our clients through consultation based out of our community center.
5. Provide information and educational support for at least 80 PLWHAs and their close friends and
family through 10 information sessions on:
1) Secondary HIV infection
2) Prevention and treatment of co-infection
3) Protection of women who have sex with women (about female condoms)
4) Building relationships of HIV-positive persons with persons of the opposite sex from
(succinct statuses)
5) Teaching the concepts of (peer to peer) counseling in the hopes of developing their
ability to financial themselves and in turn to bring in new clients in through their
successful example.
6. Improving mental and emotional state of PLWHA through participation in self-help groups.
7. Improving the social status of PLWHA by issuing humanitarian assistance in the form of
containers for storage of ARV drugs for those PLWHAs on HAART.
8. Improving nutrition of PLWHAs taking ARVs by issuing humanitarian assistance in the form of
food rations.

To improve the services and care of these 100 PLWHA-adults living in Ternopil and to continue our
social support our center needs:

•Humanitarian support in the form of daily disposable food, monthly food rations, clothing,
hygiene kits and food supplements (the majority of adults on treatment are in very difficult
financial situations)
•Expanding the support our community center provides (obtaining sewing machines for the
repair of clothing and computer equipment for our clients to acquire skills at a user level).
•The organization is in dire need of a vehicle for the transportation of severely ill patients. A
vehicle is needed for the delivery of patients from their homes to relevant professional and
humanitarian aid centers.

The Organizations Project

Our organizations project "Road to the Future” is aimed at improving living conditions in the penal
colony of HIV-positive women prisoners.

Project activities:

1. To better the living conditions and psychological stat of 150 HIV-positive women in women’s
educational colony number 63.
2. Provide social support to 150 HIV-positive prisoners.
3. Conduct self-help groups for women’s educational colony.
4. Conduct information sessions for women’s institutions.
5. Humanitarian assistance in the form of food rations for 25 women taking ARV treatment.
6. Currently humanitarian aid includes clothing and hygiene kits to women who are receiving social
support through our organization.
7. Prepare 30 prisoners for release.
8. Carry out sporting events in the penal institution: organizing volleyball tournaments and chess
9. Outbound work in the form of consulting is done (2 times a month) with social workers,
psychologists, and specialized doctors traveling to the site.
10. Work with correctional institution employees to build tolerance towards HIV-positive prisoners.

To improve social support for HIV-positive women prisoners there is a need:

• In regular humanitarian support for prisoners in the form of food rations, clothing, hygiene kits,
food supplements, and medicines during their stay in the educational colony.

(Women who are in the colony have lost social connections because the vast majorities do not receive
financial support from home, especially those who are already taking ARVs and are in need of adequate

• Women who are released need a set of clothes as well as money for the trip home and to cover
the cost of housing and living during the adaptation period (three months).
• Women who have lost all ties with their families need to stay in a social institution for the
duration of their adaptation period. (There however; are currently no social institutions for
women who have served their sentences in our Oblast.)
• The organization is in dire need of a vehicle for the transportation of medical specialists to and
from the colony as well as the continuation of humanitarian assistance.

The project organization. Looking to the future

Our organizations project "Looking to the future” is aimed at supporting groups with the highest risk
of HIV infection as well as to provide and improve the quality and availability of prevention services for
vulnerable groups. These groups include injection drug users (IDUs) as well as PLWHA-IDUs. Our goal
is to reduce HIV transmission as well has the transmission of STI’s and hepatitis in order to improve
the health of IDUs. We are working to achieve our goal through the implementation of medical,
psychological and social support as well as suggesting methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) for
IDUs. We also strongly encourage adherence to ARV therapy for PLWHA (a drug that part of our target
group in Ternopil and Ternopil region needs).

Target direction:

1. To attract 149 individuals to use the services provided by our projects.
2. Address and update the Head of Regional Coordination Council on the progress of the
project "Looking to the future.”
3. Ensure that the chief physicians visit and interact in the existing sites to improve the
implementation of MMT.
4. Meet with law enforcement agencies to establish and maintain an enabling environment for the
implementation of MMT.
5. Organize round table meetings for representatives of government, partner organization, mass
media representatives and members of our organization in order to discuss the progress of the
program, achievements and prospects of the development of MMT.
6. Organize unimpeded access to medical supported MMT for 149 IDUs in Ternopil.
7. Arrange social and psychological support for the 149 IDUs on MMT in Ternopil.
8. Provide access to information about services for HIV/AIDS care and support for PLWHA.
9. Organize local history trips to holy places in Ternopil in order to improve individual’s health.
10. Organize recreational activities for individuals on MMT.
11. Ensure the continuity of treatment for individuals on MMT.

To continue improving the social and psychological support as well as supporting groups with the
highest risk of HIV infection individual’s (IDUs, PLWHA-IDUS) our center needs:

•Humanitarian support in the form of food rations, clothing, hygiene kits and food supplements
(the majority of adults on treatment are in very difficult financial situations due to lack of work)
•Organization of single meals for individuals beginning MMT treatment (during the first six
•The organization is in dire need of a vehicle for the transportation of care professionals and food
to seriously ill patients at home.