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ТМГО "Джерела"

About organization

Ternopil City Non-Governmental Organization "The Center for Spiritual and
Psychological support DZHERELA” began its activity in 2003 as an initiative group led by
Tetyana Kozaretska. In 2004 the group was officially registered as an NGO.

The main objectives of the Center are:

•raising citizens on preventing the spread of HIV infection and providing family members of
addicts with necessary social assistance;

•establishment of clubs and centers for psychological and spiritual support and assistance for
addicted persons and their families;

•leisure activities for family members of addicted persons, including Clubs and Interest Groups;

•providing assistance to educational, pedagogical, medical and penitentiary organizations and
institutions in their effort to prevent addictions;

•elevation of living standards for PLWHA (people living with HIV) by providing psychological,
legal and social assistance.

To achieve its goals «The Center for Spiritual and Psychological support DZHERELA» is now
realizing several projects of psychological and medical-and -social character:

1. «To know to live». The project includes:

- Prevention of HIV and STIs among IDUs;

- Prevention of HIV and STIs among ASP.

2. «Between the past and future» - psychological, medical and social support of SMT

(substitution treatment).

3. «The human right to choose». The project is aimed at:

-developing the community center for PLWHA and their families;

-providing care and support for HIV-positive prisoners in the
Zbarazh penal colony № 63

The Center’s activity is based on a strong cooperation with:

- HIV / AIDS Center, Ternopil City;

- Ternopil Oblast (region) and City Centers of social assistance for children, youth and families;

- Ternopil Oblast (region) Narcological Dispensary;

- Ternopil Oblast (region) TB Dispensary;

- Ternopil Oblast (region) Dermatovenereological Dispensary;

- Ivano-Frankivsk Christian Charity Foundation Solidarity.

The main achievements of the Centre are:

•Providing care and support to 416 HIV-positive individuals;

•Annual events to the World Day of Solidarity with the HIV-positive people and to the AIDS
Victims Memorial Day;

•Educational activity for university students of Ternopil;

• Information campaign involving local and regional media on tolerance to HIV-positive

individuals and prevention of HIV / AIDS spreading.

Plans for future:

1. Development of the Center’s potential that aims the improvement of social services, and

will be based on fund-raising activities.

2. Expanding the activity of the Center in Ternopil region

3. Providing care and assistance as well as medical, social and psychological support of

ART (antiretroviral therapy) to at least 500 PLWHA.

4. Establishment of a Community Center with a full range of social services, contributing to

the social development of youth and local communities.